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Caring for a Trex® Deck

All exterior building materials require cleaning. Periodic cleaning of Trex® Decking & Railing will maintain the beauty of a Trex deck.

The following instructions will assist in caring for your deck:

  • Use Deck Cleaner Periodically After Weathering Process.
  • Clean Deck After Installation To Remove Initial Dirt And Debris. Soap, Hot Water, And A Broom Are All That Are Needed.
  • Visible Mill Markings Can Be Removed With Rubbing Alcohol.
  • Mold* – Use Conventional Deck Washes Or Cleaners That Contain Sodium Hypochlorite And Detergent.

Periodic cleaning of your deck, even if it appears clean, is important to prevent the build-up of pollen/debris that can cause mold.

Cleaning or rinsing the deck surface may be performed with a pressure washer provided one maintains a tip-to-surface distance of at least 10". Failure to maintain this minimum distance will damage the surface of Trex and result in no warranty coverage.

Deal with stains quickly for best results.

  • Rust Stains, Ground-In Dirt And Grime – Use A Cleaning Product Containing Oxalic Or Phosphoric Acid Base To Remove The Rust Or Dirt.
  • Oil And Grease Stains – Scrub In A Household Degreasing Agent As Soon As The Stain Occurs. Rinse With Hot Water.
  • Ice And Snow – Calcium Chloride Or Rock Salt, Available In Many Home Centers, Will Melt Ice On Trex Decking. Rinse Off When First Practical.
  • Berries And Wine – Mix Bleach Into Hot Water According To Package Label. Scrub Stain Lightly And Rinse Thoroughly.
  • Ink – Scrub Stain Lightly With Hot Soapy Water And Rinse Thoroughly.
  • Burn Marks – To Prevent Burn Marks Under Grill, A Grill Mat Is Recommended. Repair Existing Burn Marks By Flipping The Board.
  • Wood Tannins – Tannin Leaching Occurs In Trex And All Wood-Based Products Naturally. Allow For At Least 12 Weeks Of Normal Weathering.
  • Pigment Staining – During The Weathering Process, A Small Amount Of Surface Pigmentation May Wash Off Of The Trex Surface Which May Stain Neighboring Surfaces. Remove With A Common Rust Cleaner. If The Gap Between Boards Are Clogged, Use A Flat Tool To Clean Between The Boards.

*Some geographic regions may have a problem with mold and mildew. Although Trex decking itself is not a food source for mold and mildew, be aware that any outdoor surface can provide a breeding ground for either of these. Mold and mildew will feed on the debris, dirt, plant material or other food sources that remain on the deck. Periodically sweeping and hosing the deck assists in removing this food source.