State Roofing

Roofing and Decking
Founded in 1968
Over 50,000 projects installed
Home Matters Radio Show

Roofing materials can make or break your roof (and your budget)

Mike Farina and Lance Smith were interviewed on “Home Matters” radio show on KIRO 97.3

Jingle Fever

Jingle Fever

"The award winning tune created for State Roofing, in Seattle, lifted the company’s consumer awareness from single digits to 50% or more…”

The Herald

Rubber Roofing: New Life for Old Tires

"The average rubber roof keeps 700 to 900 tires out of a landfill,” said Guy Golliver, Marketing Director at State Roofing in Monroe…"

Seattle Green Festival

State Roofing at Seattle Green Festival

“Back inside the show, State Roofing of Monroe displayed Euroshake roofing tiles made from old auto tires. Other vendors offered…”

HZ News

Alternate Materials Leading the Way

“For State Roofing of MonroeWashington, one of the largest roofing companies in the country that means an increased demand for alternate materials like rubber and metal.”

Replacement Contractor

Fit To Print

“Marketing Director Guy Golliver says State Roofing uses full-page color ads in any one of five newspapers…”


Radio: Cutting through the Static

“…salespeople regularly tell us that 50% to 60% of the customers they call on have heard about State Roofing through its radio ads….”

Train to Retain

Train to Retain: Offering workplace stability

“…Mike Farina, sales manager adds that State Roofing offers its representatives the stability of a 40 year old company that did $19 million in sales last year and has a 50,000-customer database…”

The Dripping News

The Dripping News

“After he puts on his leak detection hat, sales manager Mike Farina of State Roofing in Monroe, Wash, thinks first about age and pitch…”

Workers Comp Crisis

Workers Comp Crisis

“State Roofing participates in a program called Retro that Masters Builders Association of Washington, in Olympia, coordinates with that state’s insurance fund…”

2007 Roofers Roundtable

“Roofing company executives from four parts of the country talk issues”

Putting off Repairs

“Delaying repairs and reroofing only increases the damage to the house and the bank account, experts say.s”