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Euroslate Medium Rubber Roofing System

State Roofing - Euroslate Medium Rubber Roofing System
State Roofing - Euroslate Medium Rubber Roofing System
State Roofing - Euroslate Medium Rubber Roofing System

State Roofing's Exclusive
Euroslate Medium Roofing System

EuroSlate Medium is the latest addition to our product line, launching in June 2011. EuroSlate Medium is a thinner and lighter version of our popular EuroSlate. It's light in weight but not in performance. Made from the same high quality ingredients and manufacturing process, EuroSlate Medium is backed by one of the best Limited Lifetime Warranties in the business...and transferable too!

EuroSlate Medium is made from over 75% recycled materials, the primary ingredient being rubber from recycled tires.

A unique manufacturing process incorporating strict quality control methods results in a superior roofing product with durability characteristics unsurpassed in the industry.

EuroSlate Medium comes in 40” wide panels, each featuring 4 slate-like sections measuring 10” wide by 7 5/8” high, in an “open keyway” design to replicate the depth and character of individual slate pieces.

  • 50-Year Transferable Warranty
  • Designed to be Walked on Without Any Restrictions
  • Highly Resistant to the Impact of Falling Tree Branches and Limbs
  • No More Splitting, Cracking, Curling or Other Surface Wear
  • No More Worrying About the Deteriorating Effects Caused by Leaves, Pine Needles, Moss and Algae
  • Available in Standard Black, Brown or Greystone

The Best Roofing System for the Northwest!

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