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Solar Roofing System
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State Roofing - Solar Roofing System
State Roofing - Solar Roofing System
State Roofing - Solar Roofing System
State Roofing - Solar Roofing System
State Roofing - Solar Roofing System

We are familiar with many types of Solar Roofing installations.

We have installed solar panels ourselves in the past—but currently we work in conjunction with many of the major solar installation companies in the area.

If you are thinking about solar—and in need of a new roof—call us and we can talk about the process!

If your roof is in need of replacement in the near future—it is best to install the roof before you install solar panels.

Solar panels can be installed on top of virtually any type of roofing—composition, flat roofing, rubber roofing or metal roofing..

We have a unique SR-150 standing seam panel that allows the solar panels to clamp onto the taller “ribs” of this roofing system and dramatically reduces solar panel installation penetrations in the new roof.

We have worked seamlessly with many of the local solar installation companies to install a new roof--followed by new solar panels—and we would love to work with you!

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State Roofing has been installing residential roofing in the Puget Sound Region for over 40 years - we have the experience to do your job right!

  • Experience working with older homes and roofs
  • Experience working with steep roofs and tight lot lines
  • Experience protecting your plants and shrubs; and your neighbors!

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We have installed over 50,000 projects since 1968, so we will certainly have references in your zip code and in your neighborhood.