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How Does Our Leaf Terminator Prevent Gutter Overflow

Thursday March 9, 2017

An overflowing gutter system is the number one enemy of your foundation and landscaping. Due to clogging, your gutters and downspouts can underperform and cause water damage in almost any area of the home. Without a robust gutter cover, they are vulnerable to debris and offer little defense against blockage formation.

Fortunately, installing The Leaf Terminator gutter guard can help you avoid the potential damage that can come from consistently overflowing gutters. Having the elusive Good Housekeeping Seal, our gutter protection system helps you win the battle against clogging so you can say goodbye to cleaning your gutters for good.

How can State Roofing’s gutter guard prevent overflows forever? Here are some of the reasons it’s a must-have for gutters for your Everett, WA home:

It Can Easily Handle Heavy Downpours

PRI Construction Material Technologies conducted testing on The Leaf Terminator based on the stringent Miami-Dade County standards. The gutter protection system passed with flying colors, handling up to 1,200 lbs. per square foot on a five-inch gutter system.

Its exceptional load-bearing ability shows that its performance will not diminish under pressure. It has a robust design, which resists the impact of falling tree branches and limbs.

The Leaf Terminator can accommodate all of the rainfall that passes through it. Its panels feature a perforation pattern, water flow ridges, a fast-connect system, and an aerodynamic nose design. Using advanced science, it can contain up to six gallons per foot per minute for every 100 square feet of roof area. With its capacity to catch that amount of water, there’s little chance of spillage.

Thanks to its patented design, our gutter guard system will protect your foundation, siding, and windows against water damage.

Stays Secure No Matter the Weather

The Leaf Terminator isn’t susceptible to sagging. It can stand up to 100 MPH wind speeds, staying safely fastened to your roof amid a ravaging storm. This product has passed many of the strictest national codes. Even if you live in a high wind zone, you can rely on our gutter guard’s uncompromising grip for the years to come.

Installing The Leaf Terminator is a worthwhile home improvement project for your Seattle, WA home. Call State Roofing now at (800) 810-7305, and let’s get your project started.