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It’s All About Curb Appeal: Make Your Home Beautiful
Sunday, November 20, 2016

All of us want a home we can be proud of, and boosting our home’s curb appeal plays a very important role in achieving this. First impressions make a big difference when it comes to the overall aesthetics of our homes. While enhancing our exterior may not be as exciting as designing a new living room or kitchen update, it is equally important. After all, we want our homes to leave a positive impression on our visitors and guests.

Why is Curb Appeal Important to Your Wallet?
Curb appeal is a very popular term in the real estate and home improvement industries. When your home has curb appeal, it becomes more appealing especially when the time comes to put your home up for sale. For the home improvement industry, however, enhanced curb appeal equates to pride and ownership of the home. Are you looking to enhance your curb appeal? State Roofing, the leading company for roofing in Bothell, WA and the surrounding area, shares some projects you can tackle to give your curb appeal a boost:

Roof Replacement – A new and professionally installed roof never fails to improve the looks of homes because it covers the majority of a home’s exterior. In fact, it represents up to 40% of your overall curb appeal. When you have beautiful roofing, you can also expect an increase in your property value.

Window Replacement – You should also consider looking for replacement windows in Seattle, WA, especially if your current units are old and dull-looking. For better results, you can match their design to the architectural style of your home.

Siding Installation – Siding is the second most visible part of your home, making it a huge factor in your curb appeal. Aside from the practical benefits of replacing damaged siding, a complete replacement also offers an opportunity to pick a new exterior color that complements your roof.

If you’re interested in doing these projects for your home, you can count on State Roofing to see them through. With our experience and expertise, we can help give your home’s curb appeal a big push through our quality roofing, windows, and siding in Tacoma, WA.

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