Roof Replacement: What Every Homeowner Should Know – Part 2: Top Residential Roofing Options

Choosing a roofing material is about addressing your needs. Given different homes have different requirements then, there’s really no one best residential roofing option. Rather, what’s right for you is what will tick off all the boxes for you. This is why it pays to get to know your roofing options, understanding what each one has to offer.

Roof Replacement: What Every Homeowner Should Know - Part 2: Top Residential Roofing Options

To get you started, here are some of the top residential roofing options available to you:

  • Composition Shingles – Eco-friendly and cost-effective alternatives to asphalt shingles, composition shingles are durable, warrantied to last between 30 and 50 years. They also feature algae and moss inhibitors, making them ideal for homes in wetter climates, and come in a variety of colors and finishes to complement any property.
  • Rubber Shingles – Where composition shingles are alternatives for asphalt shingles, rubber shingles are great stand-ins for wooden ones. Made from recycled rubber tires, they are tough, designed to resist bending, cracking, crumbling and curling to retain its form even through bad weather conditions or drastic changes in temperature. Aside from mimicking wood shakes and shingles, rubber shingles can also be made to look like slate, offering a more budget-friendly yet still elegant choice over the traditional roofing option.
  • Metal Roofing – While shingles have always dominated the roofing market, metal roofing is a strong contender for the top spot given what it has to offer: long service life, fire-resistance, energy-efficiency and low maintenance requirements. It comes in panels and shakes and can also mimic the appearance of wooden shakes if you’re looking to impart a rustic feel to your home without the upkeep.

Can’t decide? Don’t hesitate to ask a reputable roofer in your area for assistance. With their experience and knowledge, they’ll be able to provide you with expert recommendations, helping ensure you zero in on the best choice for you and your home.

The success of your roofing project largely depends on your choice of roofer. Check out Part 3 of this blog series to learn more about the importance of choosing the right one.

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