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4 Undisputed Benefits of Adding a Deck

A deck can be an excellent home addition, especially on the West Coast. Extending your living space outside lets you enjoy the sun in comfort and style. Whether you want authentic wood or a composite material, learn why adding a deck can help you use your unutilized outdoor area to best effect:

Adding a Deck

  1. It Lends Itself to Any Terrain

Any decking and roofing contractor, including State Roofing, would say that this structure could be built on any type of land. Level or not, a deck is installable on your empty yard.

The same can’t be said about patios. Even ground is a prerequisite for patio construction. Without even ground, creating a level foundation can be a laborious and time-consuming job. Sloping terrain would require excavation to form a patio surface.

  1. It Provides a Beautiful, Unbroken View

Unlike patios, decks are raised structures that capture wonderful panoramas otherwise unattainable from the ground level. Actually, a deck can serve as an extension of any room upstairs, all while being accessible from the yard.

  1. It Allows for Plenty of Customization Opportunities

    Deck materials are stainable and paintable. Cedar and hardwood, among other wood species, are forgiving and can mesh with the rest of your exterior with slight color modifications.

On the other hand, revamping the look of a patio needs a lot of work. Although flooring options, such as concrete, brick, tiles and stones, are not in short supply, installing any of them is often costly.

Furthermore, a deck is suitable for a huge array of amenities. Apart from providing space for furniture, it can be a great location for a mini-kitchen or a spot to relax in a Jacuzzi. When it comes to design (and purpose), your imagination is the only limit.

  1. It Offers Great Resale Value

Other than tackling timely roof repair, adding a deck can make your home more expensive than it seems. In fact, a wood deck addition provides an average ROI of 88.9% at resale in the Pacific Northwest. If you wish to sell your home later on, you could recoup nearly 90 cents for every dollar you spend.

This project might require a permit, so turn to an experienced, local deck builder like State Roofing, to ensure your home is up to code. Call us at (800) 810-7305 to talk about your project in Everett, Bothell or Tacoma, WA, and get a free estimate.

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