The 4 Benefits of TimberTech Decking

A deck is one of the best home improvement options available today. It is a relaxing spot for your family, as well as a lovely addition for curb appeal. It can fulfill several roles, serving as a pool area or even as a dining area for the garden.


However, it needs the right blend of durability and design to fit your home. That’s why we recommend TimberTech® Decking, a leading choice in composite decking. We choose this material for four reasons:

1. It Is Durable

Any home addition needs to withstand the weather and general use over time. That’s what makes TimberTech Decking so great. This product comes in different colors and materials, all of which can last you for a long time. Aside from being able to resist the elements, this material can also resist paint fade over time, so your decking will look good for many years to come.

2. It Has a Wonderful Design

Aside from its various color options, composite decking stands out for its actual design usefulness. It is visually appealing thanks to its smooth surface. This is thanks to the material that doesn’t show visible nails and screws in your decks. It also comes in different architectural styles in order to fit your home, no matter what facade you have.

3. It Is Safe and Affordable

Unlike other options on the market, composite decking keeps you safe from hazards like splinters and wood rot. It is also cheaper to maintain and install overall. This is because even though real wood is a cheaper material, the price for its maintenance will increase over time. You won’t encounter such problems with TimberTech Decking.

4. It Can Fit Any Home

With an affordable rate and a low-maintenance nature, composite decking is a great option if you are considering adding a deck. It can be a great addition to your home, no matter what type you live in. Here at State Roofing, your decking and roofing experts can assist you in setting up a deck installation project for your home with TimberTech Decking.

Our contractors stand ready to help you find the best roof and decking solution for your home. To learn more about our services, call (360) 794-7164. You can also request a free estimate. We serve Seattle and other nearby WA communities.

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