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4 Improvements to Quickly Increase Your Home’s Value


Most homeowners take on home improvement projects in the hopes of improving their home’s value. However, not every project has the same return on investment as it relates to your home’s value. Although you may have no plans on moving in the near future, it pays to invest in improvements that recoup their value.

4 Improvements to Quickly Increase Your Home’s Value

State Roofing discusses the four projects where your remodeling dollars provide a good return on investment:

1. Roof Maintenance

A timely roof repair isn’t costly and disruptive, and allows your existing system to maximize its service life. Instead of waiting for leaks and water damage to occur, schedule inspections routinely to catch signs of water infiltration early, and head off major problems. Whether your roof has rubber shingles or metal panels, spending on small repairs today can save you a lot of money tomorrow.

2. Gutter Replacement

Of all your home’s architectural features, gutters and downspouts may not be the most glamorous; yet, they’re some of the most important. Their real charm lies in their ability to keep your home dry inside and out. When they become defective, water damage will ensue one way or another.

If you have sagging, leaking or overflowing gutters, don’t hesitate to buy replacements. We can replace them on their own, or along with your entire roofing system.

3. Gutter Protection Installation

Uncovered gutters and downspouts are a sitting duck for twigs, leaves, pine needles and other kinds of debris. Investing in a gutter protection system, like Leaf Terminator® , goes a long way in eliminating the need for maintenance and dramatically reduces the chances of clogging.

4. New Deck 

According to the 2018 Cost vs. Value Report, decks in the Pacific States retain their value over time. At resale, those made from wood paid back nearly 90 cents on the dollar, while composite decks have a payback of 72.8%. These statistics are both higher than national averages. Whatever decking material you choose to enrich your outdoor living, expect to get great value for your money.

Discuss your home improvement needs with State Roofing to determine which projects to prioritize. Call us at (360) 794-7164 today to get a free estimate in Bothell, Everett, Tacoma or any neighboring WA community.


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