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3 Commercial Roof Management Questions to Answer

Keeping your commercial roof in good shape is a collaborative effort. You’ll need to work with a trusted roofing contractor who can help you create an effective and sustainable roof management strategy. During your initial consultation, your choice of roofer may ask you a few important questions, and it pays to have the answers ready beforehand. State Roofing, a leading commercial roofing specialist, shares some of the questions you’ll likely be asked.

Roof Management Question

1. “What is the purpose of the commercial property?” Warehouse, apartment building, office or retail store – they all have different priorities and roofing needs that have to be addressed. When your roofing contractor knows what your building is being used for, he will create a more detailed and personalized roof management plan. 

2. “What is the history of your commercial roof?” The more your roofing contractor knows about your current roofing system, the better. Creating an effective management strategy also becomes easier if you have all the necessary information about your roof on record. Some of the details your contractor may ask you about typically include the following:

  • The type of roofing material used, and name of the manufacturer.
  • Date of the commercial roof installation.
  • Roof repair and maintenance history.
  • Before and after photos of any work done on the commercial roof.
  • Record of common problems the roof has had over the years.

3. “What is your general attitude toward your commercial roof?” Some property managers take the “don’t fix it until it’s truly broken” approach, while others are more proactive about roof repair and maintenance. While both attitudes are acceptable, they will also result in different roof management strategies.

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