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3 Common Causes of Roof Leaks During Winter

The winter season exposes your roof to moisture, snow and cold temperatures. Due to these factors, roof leaks tend to be a common issue during winter. To give you more insight on how leaks occur, residential roof installation expert State Roofing discusses three common culprits behind roof leaks during winter.3 Common Causes Of Roof Leaks During Winter

Ice Dams

Ice dams are typically caused by a combination of factors, including inadequate ventilation, poor insulation and warmer temperatures in the attic. When the snow on your roof melts, the water goes into the gutters and can potentially create ice dams. Experts usually recommend removing the snow as soon as it’s safe to do so. This way, you can prevent the snow from building up.

Attic Condensation

Often due to poor ventilation, attic condensation isn’t necessarily a leak, but it can easily be mistaken for one. That said, it’s important to have a professional confirm the issue before proceeding to any solution. Otherwise, you will likely encounter the same problem over and over again.

A common sign of attic condensation is the presence of moisture or frost on the framing members or roof deck. Of course, once the temperature outside rises above freezing, the frost melts and creates what look like leaks inside your home. Address this issue immediately so that you can prevent more extensive damage and avoid the need for new roofing installation.

Exhaust Vent Condensation

This is similar to how attic condensation occurs, except the frost accumulates and melts inside an exhaust vent. It typically occurs in a bath vent duct, so you might want to check on this from time to time during winter. Obviously, you’ll need a professional to do a thorough inspection to ensure that the “leak” is really coming from this part of your home.

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