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3 Factors That Lead to Roof Deterioration

Regardless of the kind of roofing you have, it will age and get worn out as the years go by. Roof deterioration is often a gradual process, so you might not notice its signs at first. However, with regular maintenance and roof inspections, you can ease the symptoms and prevent wear from happening prematurely. Moreover, understanding the various factors that cause roof deterioration can help you with this.

3 Factors That Lead To Roof Deterioration

In this article, State Roofing, the area’s trusted contractor offering residential roof installation, discusses the reasons why roof deterioration occurs.

Heat and UV Rays

Roofs are exposed to the sun’s heat and UV rays for long hours every day. UV rays are mainly the cause of deterioration, but the breakdown process is often accelerated by the heat. This usually becomes apparent when the roof loses flexibility and becomes weak, dry and brittle.

Damaged Components

Poor roofing installation and neglect are some of the reasons why damage occurs to certain components. If you don’t stick to a regular roof maintenance routine, debris could get stuck and clog the drains. Moreover, ponding water can weaken the roofing membrane. Ignoring the signs of damage can easily speed up the deterioration of your roof.

Thermal Shock

This refers to the contraction and expansion of the roofing. Heat typically causes the roof to expand. And when evening falls and the temperature is cooler, the roof contracts. This movement puts a strain on the roofing system especially the flashings and drains, which expand and cool more quickly than the roof membrane. The metal drains and flashings eventually pull away from the roof assembly potentially causing the roof to split.

State Roofing has been trusted by local homeowners since 1968. Our expertise includes metal roofing, hardwood decking and painting, among others. If you want to consult with a roof replacement expert, call us at [company_phone] or fill out our contact form. We offer our services to customers in Seattle, WA, and the surrounding areas.

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