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3 Mistakes to Avoid During Asphalt Shingle Replacement

Installing new shingles is a lot harder than it looks. The tiniest installation error can drastically shorten your roof’s lifespan. Read on as the home improvement experts at State Roofing share the most common installation errors.

3 Mistakes To Avoid During Asphalt Shingle Replacement

Forgetting to Install Starter Shingles

You need to waterproof your roof. If you’re installing shingles, you need to lay down the starter shingles, also known as starter strips, first. It’s standard practice to make sure the shingles overlap to ensure there aren’t any gaps. However, the overlap doesn’t cover the eave and rake, which is where you need to install the shingles.

Since the starter shingles’ primary function is to prevent water from infiltrating your roof’s underlayers, you need to align them properly. To make sure you’re installing them correctly, consult the manufacturer’s manual first.

  1. Using Too Few Nails on the Wrong Part of the Shingle

The manufacturer and your local building authority will also specify the correct number of nails per shingle and where they should be placed. Usually, four nails are placed on top of a narrow strip on the shingle. Again, you should make sure these are aligned.

  1. Overdriving the Nail 

When you hammer the nail, make sure most of the shaft is driven. But take care not to overdrive the nail, as it can damage the mat or the foundation of the shingle. For more precise nailing, you can use pneumatic nail guns. Just make sure you’re using the correct pressure setting.

If you’re having trouble with nailing the shingles, it’d be better to let a roofing professional handle the installation. Whatever money you might save by doing the installation yourself is quickly offset by the risks. Just make sure to vet a contractor before hiring them.

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