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4 Big Mistakes to Avoid When Planning Roof Replacement

Planning to get a new roof for your home? The process requires a lot of careful planning in order to make sure your new roof will last as long as possible, but that also means there are plenty of mistakes that can cause big problems later on in the project. Our roofing experts talk about the four biggest mistakes to avoid during the planning process. 

Roof Replacement

1. Being Too Vague

Homeowners probably have something in mind when thinking of a new roof, but there are a lot of times when they simply fail to elaborate beyond a few vague instructions. As a result, the contractors have to “fill in the blanks” of the roof planning process and the homeowners end up with a roof that might not be what they expected. Always remember to be as detailed as you can to avoid this.

2. Forgetting Your Budget

Some homeowners will make the mistake of planning this extremely elaborate roof plan and forget to factor in the fact that it might go beyond their budget. As a result, the project is forced to make unexpected changes that compromise the roof’s looks and even function. This is why roofing experts recommend preparing a reasonable budget and narrowing down your options to what you can afford.

3. Not Being Thorough With the Contract

Roofing projects should always have a contract that contains all the important details. A breakdown of materials, schedule, time frame and overall costs should be included in the contract. Homeowners who fail to be thorough with the contract will likely find themselves being caught off-guard by an unexpected expense.

4. Not Working With Reputable Contractors

If you want a roof to function properly, all the components must be installed according to manufacturer’s specifications. By not working with reputable contractors, you’re putting your roof (and your cash) in the hands of people who may not have the right skills or experience to ensure that your roof is installed properly. We recommend trusting only reputable roof repair or replacement contractors to get the job done.

Let us help you plan and install your new replacement roof. State Roofing is the leading roofing contractor in Seattle, WA. Call us at (360) 794-7164 or fill out this contact form to request a quote.

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