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4 Factors that Affect the Cost of Roof Replacement

Homeowners think about replacing their roofs for various reasons, such as the age of the roof, storm-related damage or aesthetic updates. When coming up with an estimate of a new roof, there are several factors that you should keep in mind. A reputable roofing contractor discusses some of the most crucial elements below.

roof replacement cost
  1. Size of the Roof. The first factor that affects the overall cost of roof replacement is the size of the roof. Most roofing materials are sold by roofing squares. To determine this number, the roofer will measure the square footage of your roof and divide it by 100.
  2. Slope or Pitch. Another essential factor that influences the price of roof replacement is the slope or pitch of the roof. If the roof is too steep, for example, it will generally require additional staging and labor to complete the roofing job in a safe and efficient manner. The pitch will determine the type of underlayment system required for the replacement.
  3. Roofing Material. Your roofing material plays a crucial role in the durability, performance, longevity, and beauty of your roof. Asphalt shingles are the most widely used roofing material today because of their affordable price and easy installation. On the other hand, some of the most expensive roofing materials are wood shakes, metal roofing and traditional slate.
  4. Roof Access. If access to the roof is complicated, it will require more labor and equipment to take off the old roof and bring up new roofing materials. For expert roofers, the easier the access and the less time needed to finish the work, the cheaper the cost of the roof replacement project.

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