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4 Roofing Questions to Ask Before Buying a Home

A good roof is on every homebuyer’s list of requirements when looking for a new home. If you’re one such homebuyer, asking the right questions can help you get a house with a good roof. In today’s post, local roofing contractor State Roofing shares the roofing questions every homebuyer should ask.

Roofing Questions

1. “How Old Is the Roof?”

The newer the roof, the longer the remaining service life. When you buy a home with a relatively new roof, it means you can enjoy many years living in it without worrying about age-related roofing problems like leaks. This also means that you won’t be adding the cost of a roof replacement right after purchasing a house. Also, some roofs may still be within their warranty period, which brings us to the next question.

2. “Is the Roof Warranty Transferable?”

Transferable warranties are limited warranties that can be transferred in full or in part to the next owner. Major roofing manufacturers offer transferable limited warranty coverage for qualifying roofs, such as complete roofing systems or roofs that are built with minimum components and accessories. A transferable warranty can give you the peace of mind and, as discussed above, some breathing room for your future roofing budget.

3. “Does the Attic Have Proper Ventilation?”

Airflow in the attic helps keep heat, moisture and particles like dust and mold from accumulating inside and prevents problems like rot and warping. A standard sloped roof’s ventilation system has exhaust vents at the highest point of the roof (usually at the ridges) and intake vents at the lowest — at the soffits. You can ask the real estate agent or homeowner to let you climb into the attic, which should feel more or less the same as outdoor conditions. If it feels too warm and humid, the attic ventilation will need to be improved if you end up buying the house.

4. “What Is the Condition of the Gutters?”

If the gutters have issues, they may affect the roof. Overflowing gutters, for example, may let rainwater leak through the roof edge and allow moisture damage to develop out of sight. The house’s gutters should at least look well-maintained, with no signs of corrosion such as holes. The gutter troughs should be clean and without standing water or leaves and debris.

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