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4 Telltale Signs of a Roof Leak

A well-built roof should be able to withstand severe weather elements, like hail, heat and rain. Once a leak develops, it can compromise the structural integrity of your roof, pose serious health hazards for the residents and cause high-cost repairs in the future. Here, roofing and decks expert State Roofing shares four telltale signs of a roof leak.

roof leaks

1. Mold. Mold thrives in damp environments. If rain or melted snow seeps into the fabric of your house, it is only a matter of time before mold and mildew spread. Mold is alarming because it breaks down building materials and wreaks havoc on the entire structure. It can also cause the occupants to suffer from allergy symptoms and asthma attacks.

2. Stains. A leak will normally cause discoloration on your ceiling or interior walls. If you see dark-colored stains or marks on these surfaces, it likely points to a leakage. It is rather careless to ignore these stains, no matter how small or lightly colored they are. It is best to investigate the source and bring in a home improvement professional to address the problem.

3. Curling Shingles. One of the earlier signs of a roof leak is curling shingles. Check for warped or distorted shingles on your roof. More severe effects of a leak often take time to take shape and appear on different surfaces of the house.

4. Dripping Gutters. If your gutters are dripping, there are likely roof leaks as well. Overflows or excessive dripping of water indicate that your gutters are not working properly and most likely allowing the rainwater to back up to the roof. This leads to leaks and other water-related problems.

You can count on State Roofing for high-quality exterior improvement solutions, including roof repair, roof replacement and deck-building. Our certified team is committed to delivering industry-leading products and outstanding customer service to ensure the comfort and satisfaction of our customers in Seattle and Tacoma, WA. To request a free, no-obligation quote, call us at (360) 794-7164 or fill out our contact form.

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