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4 Things to Consider When Choosing Your Metal Roof Color

Metal roofing works with virtually any home style and design, thanks to features such as compatibility with most types of paints and coatings. In today’s blog, roofing and home improvement company State Roofing shares the things you should consider when choosing a new color for your metal roof.

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1. Existing Exterior Components — Unless your new roof is part of a full exterior remodeling project, you need to make sure that your new roof color is going to fit with existing exterior components. This is particularly important if your home has permanent components like brick and stone facades, as they will likely outlast your roof. Siding is another significant part of your home’s exterior, and your roof should complement its color.

2. Architectural Style — Some architectural styles are associated with certain color palettes. Using a different color palette would look out of place. For example, a Mediterranean style home features terracotta tile roofs with an earth-tone color palette. While metal roofing lets you pick virtually any color, anything other than the familiar red tiles will look off. While your roofing contractor can help you determine the right roof color for your home, it won’t hurt to look up typical examples of your home’s architectural style online.

3. Energy Saving Features — You may have heard of “cool roofs,” which are basically roofing systems with reflective surfaces that help reduce heat absorbed through the roof. When combined with roof and/or attic insulation, it can help lower your monthly utility bills, particularly during seasons that require a lot of heating or cooling. Reflectivity is achieved on metal roofs with bare metal options like copper or aluminum, a light color or reflective coatings. 

4. Colors In the Neighborhood — Your home should stand out, but not too much like a sore thumb. Take a quick drive around the block and pay attention to your neighbors’ roofs. You’ll have a sense of which colors work in the context of your neighborhood, and which ones won’t work.

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