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5 Dangers of DIY Roof Repairs

It’s just a tiny leak and several crumbling asphalt shingles — surely you can fix them yourself and there’s no need to call for professional help, right?  Many homeowners assume they may save money by repairing the problem themselves rather than hiring local roofing and home improvement professionals. However, the risks of DIY roof repairs are so great that it isn’t worth it. 

DIY Roof Repairs

Here are the top reasons why you should call a contractor instead of conducting your own residential roofing repairs.

  1. You’ll Spend More

DIY requires every nail and shingle. As a result of poor workmanship, shingles may fly and flashings may come loose when exposed to the elements, causing you to hire a professional and pay a fee. Even if you do your own repairs, you are losing time and effort.

  1. You’ll Void Your Warranty 

Some manufacturers offer warranties on their products if they are placed according to proper application instructions. Damage to these products may cancel their warranties.

  1. You Deal With Insurance Issues

Natural disasters are covered under homeowners insurance policies. But if you damage your own home, you may not be covered. If you already have insurance and try to fix your roof and decks, your policy may be canceled.

  1. You’ll Deal With Bad Craftsmanship

Bad craftsmanship and poor look are likely outcomes of inexperience in building or replacing roofs. No matter how many hours you spend watching DIY videos, you can’t master a skill without practice.

  1. Work Can Be Delayed

It takes time to assess the roof, acquire the appropriate equipment and actually complete the job. A work that takes professionals two to three days can take DIYers weeks. Surely you prefer the former because it is the most efficient option: delays just lead to more inconvenience and costs.

If you want to build beautiful decks and a roof that will last, call State Roofing at (360) 732-8104 and we’ll help you pick the right deck material for your new home addition. You may also fill out our contact form to request a free estimate. We install decks throughout Seattle and Tacoma, WA.

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