5 Things to Check for a Safe Deck

It’s important for homeowners to invest in decks made with quality materials, built by a licensed contractor to ensure building code compliance. Safety checks are likewise important; if you find problems that could compromise its structure, you can have it addressed before it can cause injury.

5 Things To Check For A Safe Deck

State Roofing suggests these things to include in your deck inspection:

  1. Deck Material – A standard wooden deck can be susceptible to damage caused by moisture and temperature changes. When inspecting the main deck area, look for split or decaying wood. It shouldn’t feel spongy nor should parts break off without splintering. Composite decks shouldn’t have these problems. If your deck is up for replacement, consider switching to composite instead of wood.

  1. Surface Finish – The deck material should have a protective coating that causes water to form beads on the surface. Mildew can make areas look like they’re unfinished. So before you reapply a new surface finish, have the surface cleaned as prescribed by your deck contractor.

  1. Ledger Board – The ledger board is the load-bearing horizontal board that connects the deck structure to the exterior wall. This should be installed using thick stainless or galvanized steel screws with bolts. Decks installed using nails may eventually come loose. There should be a minimal gap between the exterior wall and the ledger – if this is the case, the bolts should be tightened. Also, make sure the flashing and caulk in these areas are intact.

  1. Support Posts – Inspect the deck support posts and look out for the same aforementioned issues as the deck material. Inspect the bolts and tighten as necessary. The support posts should be at least 6 inches square in thickness.

  1. Railings and Balusters – Try wriggling the railings and balusters gently but firmly. If they seem loose, have them repaired as soon as possible, otherwise someone may lean on them and fall off the edge.

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