A Basic Guide to Roof Decking

Roof decking may not be visible and obvious, but it’s a vital component of your roofing system. Designed as a flat surface, it is typically attached to the trusses and joints, which make up the basic framework of your roof and support its weight.

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Why Is Roof Decking Important?

Roof decking serves a variety of purposes, but its main function is to support your shingles and ensure they are securely held in place. Apart from that, roof decking also adds a layer of protection for your roof against fire and harsh weather.

Take note that plywood decking does not have a full capacity for preventing fire. However, flame retardants can be sprayed on its surface to provide an extra line of defense. Lastly, roof decking can also offer additional protection against leaks, reducing the need for roof repair and improving the chances of your roof to last for several years.

What Are the Different Types of Roof Decking?

There are many types of roof decking that can be used for various homes, including:

  1. Tongue and groove – These are commonly seen in homes with no ceiling. They consist of two by six boards with a “tongue” on one edge, which is fitted into a “groove” on the edge of another board.
  2. Plywood sheathing – It’s important for the plywood to be made from mature trees to ensure that it’s rigid and moisture-resistant.
  3. OSB sheathing – This is the most popular type of roof decking today. OSB, which stands for oriented strand board, is made from interweaving wood strands that are bonded together.

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