A Primer on Tesla Solar Roofs

While most solar panel options are typically roof-mounted, there’s one that easily stands out from the rest. Tesla’s Solar Roof offers a different yet innovative approach to harnessing the sun’s energy that’s more than ideal for your lifestyle. When installed on your home by a trusted roofing company, it can do more than just keep your utility costs down and energy savings up.

Tesla Solar Roofs

How Tesla’s Solar Roof Works

Tesla’s Solar Roof consists of both solar glass tiles and architectural-grade steel roofing tiles. The solar tiles produce energy while steel tiles add longevity and corrosion resistance to the roofing system. Both are durable and well-engineered for increased protection against different weather elements. Bundled with the Solar Roof, you get a Powerwall that provides 24/7 energy security. It essentially stores the energy you produce with the Solar Roof so you can power your home at any time.

The Benefits You’ll Get

When you choose Tesla’s Solar Roof system, a professional roofing contractor simply swaps your standard roofing tiles with beautiful solar tiles that power your home with clean energy for decades. Created for optimum durability and efficiency, you get a wide range of benefits, including these:

  • Exceptional reliability. Tesla’s Solar Roof system maximizes your roof’s energy production without compromising your home’s visual appeal and performance. Your home stays protected from the elements even in severe weather conditions. And with a 25-year warranty, Solar Roof produces clean energy and protects your home for decades. 
  • Better energy independence. Tesla’s Solar Roof system is integrated seamlessly with Powerwall, a compact home battery that stores energy generated from the solar tiles. This gives you access to electricity at night and keeps your home running on clean energy. Powerwall also detects outages automatically, allowing you to keep your lights on and phones charged when the grid goes down.

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