A Standard Roof Replacement Timeline

Knowing the roof installation process from beginning-to-end can help you anticipate potential roadblocks and keep your project on track. In today’s post, local roofing and home improvement contractor State Roofing shares an overview of a standard roof installation timeline.

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Before Installation

Once you have chosen your roofing options, secured financing, and signed the contract with your chosen roofing contractor, it usually takes about two to three weeks before installation can begin. During this time, your contractor will order roofing materials that will be delivered to your home in batches.

As the homeowner, you will need this time to prepare your home for dust and debris that will be generated during installation. You will also need to clear space in your yard and garage for the roofing materials, as well as space for the dumpsters where discarded roofing will be put in and hauled later. You may need to utilize your decks as temporary storage for large items in your yard. Your roofing contractor will help you determine how much space will be needed for this task.

First Day of Roof Installation

The first day of installation is usually spent preparing the work areas around the house. Some work will need to be done in the attic, so there should be a path (which will be covered to prevent tracking dirt onto your flooring) that goes from an entry door to the attic. Landscaping that’s immediately under the roof will also be protected. The old roofing will be removed using shovels, pushed to the ground, and collected in dumpsters. The roof will then be inspected for pre-existing conditions that may require repair. The roof will then be covered by temporary roofing at the end of the day.

Last Day of Roof Installation

Roofing installation will then progress in the following days. Once completed, your roof will undergo a thorough quality inspection. The yard will be swept for nails and debris, using large magnets, high-powered vacuum cleaners, and other tools. Covered paths in your home will be removed and likewise cleaned.

After Installation

You will be given a tour of the features of your new roof, along with a discussion of its maintenance requirements. In the following days, the dumpster that contains discarded roofing will be collected. A representative of your roofing contractor will be sent to complete warranty registration and collect final payment. They may also conduct a short customer satisfaction survey. 
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