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Big Shortcuts That Reputable Roofers Will Never Make

Installing even the most simple type of roof is a challenging task. This is even true with heavier roofing materials such as tile because compared to asphalt shingle and metal roofing, ceramic tiles are also more expensive. This means roofers can’t afford to make the following shortcuts that a reputable roofing contractor will never make.

Roofing installation

Failing to Check the Building Codes

Some roofers think putting up a tile roof is fine if they’ve already built one before. However, some make the mistake of not checking the building codes and just go ahead with the installation. If a new roof is checked and the inspector discovers that it goes against the local building codes, the homeowner might be fined and the roof asked to be torn down or modified.

Ignoring Manufacturer’s Specifications.

A reputable roofing company like us knows that putting up a roof goes beyond laying shingles in neat rows. Any kind of roofing must be installed according to manufacturer’s specifications. Failing to follow these specifications can compromise the roof’s ability to perform as advertised, resulting in early repairs or even replacement.

Not Installing Flashing Over Pitch Transitions

Roofers know that flashing should be applied along places where the roof intersects with the wall, but some try to cut corners by just using sealant to cover slope transitions (the parts where the roof changes in steepness). According to our team of experts, slope transitions are especially vulnerable to creating leaks, so it should be covered by actual flashing strips.

Not Having Ridge Anchors

When roofers don’t bother adding ridge anchors to secure anchors in high-ridge areas, they become more vulnerable to getting knocked off during a storm. Reputable roofing companies like us know better than to make that mistake, which is why we make sure we install ridge anchors when putting up tile roofs to make them more resistant to wind damage.

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