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Common Causes of Early Roofing Failure

Roofs are intended for years of exposure to wear. However, there are conditions that can contribute to early roofing failure — most of which are, fortunately, preventable. In today’s post, local roofing company State Roofing discusses common causes of early roofing failure.

damaged asphalt shingle roofing residential

Common Causes of Early Roofing Failure

The following are the most common reasons why some roofs fail early in their life span:

Poor workmanship — Even when built with the best roofing materials, a roof won’t perform as expected if it’s not installed properly. This is why you should carefully choose your roofing contractor when having your roof replaced.

Poor design — Good roofing design incorporates factors such as local climate and average rainfall into components like the roof slope, material selection, type of framing and other important aspects. Overlooking these factors can result in the roof suffering damage from wind, rain and impact from hail and airborne debris.

Faulty materials — As with most types of building materials, you get what you pay for with your choice of roofing materials. The cheaper roofing materials tend to get worn out faster.

Trapped moisture — Moisture can find its way into and get trapped between the layers of the roof. This can result in damage to the roof’s decking and framing that can lead to early roofing failure.

What Can You Do to Prevent Early Roofing Failure?

While most of the roofing work should be left to roofing professionals, there are some things that you can do that can prevent early roofing failure. One of these is keeping up with your roofing maintenance appointments and regularly inspecting your roof. Roof inspections can be done using a pair of binoculars — all you need to do is note issues with the roof such as missing or damaged parts, then have your roofer perform repairs, which can help prevent further damage and premature failure. Roof inspections are ideally conducted once a year and after every storm.

Lastly, when planning a roof replacement, you can help prevent early failure by carefully choosing your roofing contractor and not making your decisions based on the contract price. Look for warranties that include coverage for poor workmanship or installation errors.

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