Creating Your Yearly Roof Maintenance Program

Every roof must be maintained over time, which is why roofers offer different maintenance programs. Some are extensive but use high-powered equipment, while others rely on quicker, less efficient cleaning tactics. To bring out the best, you need to plan out every step of the procedure. Learn how to do so from State Roofing, your local expert on roofs and decks.

Understanding Your Roof

The first step to getting the best roof maintenance project is to understand what needs to be cleaned. Take some time to carefully examine your roof, preferably with the help of a professional roofing contractor. During the inspection, you can spot issues like leaks and tears early on and get them repaired. Otherwise, you can go ahead and start preparing the actual maintenance program.

The Right People

Looking for a well-trained roofing contractor is essential. That person can essentially do the work of cleaning your entire roof. While it helps to pick a formalized program, always remember that the roof must be checked and the gutters must be cleaned. Any other parts, such as possible installation of flashing or repair, must be discussed first.

Historical Background

Keep a file or list of all the important events in your roof’s history. From installation to previous repairs, it will help your contractor understand how to tackle maintenance. Older roofs or those made of materials like wood will require extensive maintenance just to restore its peak condition. Meanwhile, newer roofs and those made of materials like metal can have shorter maintenance periods. It is important that they are cleaned thoroughly, regardless.

Planning for the Future

While one roof repair job is good for its service span, your roof won’t last forever. Even as you plan the first maintenance schedule, always look at replacement as an option in the future. Consider if it is more worthwhile to go for a replacement or maintenance. The latter works best if you do it frequently over time.

Make sure your roof is well maintained with the help of professionals State Roofing. To learn more about our services, call (360) 794-7164. You can also request a free estimate. We serve Tacoma, Bothell Everett and other nearby WA communities.

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