Different Weather Events and How They Affect Your Roof

Washington is known for its mild climate, but there are also instances where the weather becomes quite dynamic. You’ll need to be aware when this happens because it may spell trouble for your roof. But how exactly do different weather events affect your roofing system? A trusted residential roofing contractor in the area, State Roofing, shares what you need to know here.

Weather Events

High Winds

Wind can be a menace to asphalt shingle roofs. Strong winds can get under the shingles and cause them to lift. When the material has been loosened, shingles become more susceptible to blow-offs. There’s also the matter of wind-blown debris, which can cause dents, cracks and holes on your roof, making it easier for rainwater to infiltrate the system.


Western Washington is not exempt from the occasional hailstorm. Depending on their size, hailstones can cause a fair amount of damage to your roofing system. Cracks and granule loss in asphalt shingles are common, and denting is not impossible in metal roof panels. 

Heavy Rainfall

A downpour can become a major issue in roofing systems with damaged materials or flashing. That’s because leaks can occur, exposing the roof structure to water and moisture, which in turn allows mold and rot to form. If the leaks are big enough, water can also find its way into your living spaces. 

How to Deal with Roof Weather Damage

Simple – you just need to call a trusted contractor like State Roofing for immediate roof repair services. The faster the roofing problem is handled, the less damage (and expenses) you’ll need to worry about. But being reactive to roof weather damage isn’t always a good thing; you’ll need to be proactive, as well. Schedule regular inspections and maintenance with us and we’ll help you keep a sturdier, better-performing and longer lasting roof.

Request a Roofing Quote

Whatever the type of roof damage, State Roofing is always here, ready and available to provide the highest quality and most effective solutions. Trust us to bring your roof back to its pre-loss condition. Schedule your roof evaluation by calling us at (360) 794-7164 or filling out this contact form. We proudly serve Seattle, WA, and the surrounding Puget Sound area.

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