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Do You Have an Aging Roof?

Any roofing contractor will tell you that knowing the right time to get a new roof could be the difference between not having to worry about leaks for the next decade, or more headache and wasted money on repairs and higher insurance premiums. Today, we’re going over how to tell if you have an aging roof and whether it’s time to replace it.

Do You Have an Aging Roof?

Is It Severely Damage

There are roofing issues like having a leak every time it rains, and then there are those that have entire sections compromised by multiple missing shingles or panels. If the damage is serious, there might be irreversible effects or the repairs itself might be expensive enough that you’re better off getting a completely new roof.

Does It Have Frequent Issues

If your roof is already several decades old, every part of it would already have suffered from wear and tear. Roofers say that fixing one part of the roof may be futile, since another part will probably experience a problem when the next storm comes. Any roofing company will tell you you’re better off with a new roof with completely new parts.

Is It No Longer Energy-Efficient?

Old roofs may also be outdated in terms of insulation to the point that it’s causing your home to use up more energy just to keep indoor air temperatures at a comfortable level. If the roof gets damaged, that could be your opportunity to replace it with a completely new roof that offers better insulating capabilities.

Does It Look Outdated

Replacing the roof doesn’t always have to be about getting rid of leaks but replacing a leaky roof with a new one is basically hitting two birds with one stone. You can ask a certified roofing contractor about the best options when giving your home a fresh new look.

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