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Essential Items to Look for in a Roofing Estimate

Obtaining estimates from prospective roofing installation contractors is one of the most important aspects of the roof replacement process. Comparing and contrasting these documents allows you to manage your budget and help you figure out which of the companies are legitimate from those that are trying to swindle you.

Roofing estimate

Of course, you must first know what a typical roofing estimate entails. Read on as we discuss the essential items to look for.


A roofing estimate should include the cost of both materials and labor. This section should also outline if there are fees on project-related tasks like securing permits and cleaning and removing old roofing materials.

Materials Breakdown

This part of the estimate is a key indicator of the roofing contractor’s legitimacy in doing business with their customers. Experienced roofers are known to put as much specific information as possible on the type of shingles, flashing, underlayment and other roofing materials and components that will be used for the project, including the brand, size and thickness.

Payment Information

An estimate for a residential roof installation project won’t be complete without a section for the payment information. Every detail of the payment terms should be carefully explained in this part, including down payments, end payment and payment methods. An important thing to look for is a provision stating that you can hold back the final payment until you are satisfied with the result.

Insurance and Licensing Information

The contractor should provide proof of license and insurance in the roofing estimate. Disregard estimates from roofing companies that can’t provide such information.

Termination Clause

A roofing estimate should also have a well-defined means of exit from the contract. It should explain the particular reasons why either you or the contractor can terminate the agreement without incurring any penalties if a violation is made in one of the contract’s terms.

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