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How Does a Metal Roof Stand Up to Storms?

Enhanced energy efficiency and sleek appearance are some of the benefits of metal roofs. However, their exceptional weather resistance deserves recognition too. After all, they won’t be able to last for several decades without holding their own against severe storm weather.

How Does A Metal Roof Stand Up To Storms?

So, what makes metal an excellent roofing installation choice to weatherproof your home? For State Roofing, here’s why it’s a good choice in storm-prone areas:

It Stands Up to Strong Winds

A metal roof can hold its own against gusts and gales. When properly installed, it’s reasonable to think that it can remain in one piece under the harshest conditions. In addition to hurricane-force winds, metal can absorb the impact of flying debris while staying structurally sound. You need to call a qualified roofer for inspection if, say, a tree branch falls on it, but it would most likely be fine.

It Withstands the Effects of Moisture

Make no mistake, metals are subject to corrosion and rust. However, most metal roofing systems these days come with a protective finish to repel moisture. They don’t deteriorate easily despite contending with seasonal downpours.

You will need to think about roof slope when choosing a metal system to prevent leakage. For instance, hydrokinetic metal roofs are not designed to inhibit water infiltration due to hydrostatic pressure.

It Is Impervious to Lightning

If you want to put a premium on fire protection, pick metal for residential roof installation. As a noncombustible material, it will neither burst into flames nor spread fire to other parts of the property. It may conduct electricity, but it doesn’t attract it. It won’t increase the likelihood of your home getting struck by lightning just because it’s metal.

Protect your home with a high-quality metal roof. Call State Roofing at (360) 794-7164 now to choose the right system for your property, and get a free estimate. We serve Seattle, WA, and neighboring areas.

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