How Important Is Your Roofing Underlayment?

Your roofing system is more than what meets the eye. Underneath the colorful and intricately designed shingles lie a system of parts that support the entire roof. Each of these parts plays an important role in keeping your roof strong and protected against the elements. One such component that always goes unnoticed is the underlayment.

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Most homeowners spend an inordinate amount of time deciding which material would be best for their roof, not to mention the colors, styles and patterns that will ultimately give their home the finished look that they want. It’s unfortunate that very little attention is paid to any other part of the roof, including the underlayment. Let our experts at State Roofing explain the importance of the underlayment and why you should spend a little bit more time choosing the right one.

What Is the Underlayment?

As its name suggests, the underlayment is installed under the shingles of your roof. It’s an integral part of many roof decks, providing the entire structure a waterproof and weatherproof layer of protection. Underlayment comes in many different types: asphalt saturated, rubberized asphalt and non-bitumen synthetic. Each of these types have their own sets of pros and cons. Don’t hesitate to discuss the type of underlayment your roofing system needs with your contractor to get the best results.

Replacing the Underlayment

One of the most frequently asked questions when replacing a roof is whether or not the underlayment needs replacement as well. The answer, unfortunately, is not as straightforward as you might expect. Typically, minor repairs such as replacing small patches of broken shingles will not necessitate a new underlayment. However, if you’re installing a new roof in place of an aging roof, it may be necessary to to include a replacement for the underlayment, as well.

Learn more about the critical role the underlayment plays from our roof repair experts at State Roofing. We are your trusted local provider of roofing and general contracting services. Give us a call at (360) 794-7164 or fill out our contact form to schedule a repair visit and request a free estimate on roof replacements today. We serve homeowners in Tacoma, Bothell, Everett and other neighboring areas in WA.

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