How to pick an Olympia roofing company

Imagine that you have an open role at your company that you need to fill. You wouldn’t just hire the first person that you come across, right? Hiring an Olympia roofing company is similar to hiring the right person for the job: there’s an interview process, a background check, and a reference check.

Why is there such a drawn-out process for hiring a roofing company? The roof is a vital part of the home, protecting the interior from the elements. With that said, you’ll want to hire a roofing company that is reliable, qualified, and experienced in the field because the last thing you want are leaks during one of the Pacific Northwest’s rainy days. To help you make the right decision, we’ve put together a checklist you can use to pick the Olympia roofing company that suits your needs.


Research the company on social media

The first ground to cover is researching a company on social media. Simply asking a company what they think about their quality of work isn’t enough because it’s only natural that everyone thinks they’re the best in town. Whether you’re researching on Yelp or Facebook, you can read reviews that are crowdsourced from the public. This will help give you an idea of the general public’s views on the company.


Confirm the company’s credentials

Credentials are more than words on paper—they also represent how serious a roofing company takes their business and their clients. Before you sign any contracts, make sure the roofing company has not one, but all three of the below credentials.


Any roofing contractor operating in Washington state is legally required to register with the Department of Labor and Industries. In fact, prior to even reaching out to a roofing company, you can verify if they are registered and if their license is up to date by using the Department of Labor and Industry’s online verification tool.

Why do you want a licensed company? Roofing companies must maintain their license in Washington state, so if the company performs a subpar job, you have the ability to report that company. In doing so, the company runs the risk of losing their license.

General liability insurance

Regardless of how reputable or experienced a roofing company is, there’s really no predicting what could potentially go wrong during a roofing job. General liability insurance covers your property so that if an employee accidentally damages your gutters while on the job then the company will be responsible for covering that damage.

When inquiring about general liability insurance, don’t just take the company’s word for it. Ask the company the exact amount they’re covered for and to also send you a copy of their liability policy so you have proof on hand in the case that anything goes wrong. Making sure that a company has general liability insurances means that you don’t need to reach into your own pocket if a contractor damages your property during the roofing job. 

Workers’ comp coverage

All roofing jobs, no matter how big or small, are high-risk jobs. They require contractors to climb up tall ladders and walk on steep rooftops. While general liability insurance covers your property, workers’ comp coverage covers the company’s employees. If an employee gets injured while working on your property then you won’t be liable for covering the employee’s medical costs if a company has workers’ comp coverage.

Keep a look out for companies that skimp on workers’ comp coverage. If a company is willing to cut corners on their own employees then that’s indicative of how they approach a roofing job.

Interview the company

Asking the right questions will help you dig into the company’s background, practices, and experience. Here are the topics to cover:

Gutter protection

When a company is performing a roofing job, the only way for employees to get on the roof is via ladders. The problem is that gutters aren’t meant to hold that extra weight, so simply laying a heavy ladder against the gutter will result in dents and damages. Make sure the company uses some sort of mechanism to protect gutters, such as a ladder stabilizer.

Landscape protection

The key here is to ask very specific questions about the procedures the company will take to protect your landscape. To kick off the conversation, use these questions:

  • Where will you store heavy equipment such as ladders?
  • Where will old shingles and refuse go?
  • What will you do if an employee damages the landscaping while on the job?
  • Will the deck and patio be covered during the job?
  • Will you bring a container for refuse?

Here are the answers you want to hear:

  • Your landscaping, deck, and patio will all be covered as needed.
  • Any refuse will be placed on a tarp then deposited in a container or they’ll go straight into the container from the roof.
  • Companies should bring their own container so that you won’t be responsible for hauling it yourself.

Weather protection

There’s no escaping the rain in Olympia. Since it rains year-round, you’ll want to make sure a company has procedures in place for the wet weather. In general, a responsible roofing company will cover your roof with tarp or underlayment, so be weary of companies that suggest using plastic sheeting.

Another thing to keep in mind is that Olympia can be hit with rain for multiple days in a row, making a one-day job potentially become a one-week job. To make sure you’re properly protected during these situations, ask these questions:

  • Will the company send someone by every few days to make sure the covering is still protecting the home?
  • Will someone come by to further secure the covering if a windstorm is approaching?
  • Do you have a 24-hour emergency line in case the covering becomes loose?


Ask for a detailed write-up of the job

Prior to signing any contract, make sure you have a detailed estimate of the job. The estimate should include the following:

  • All the activities that will be performed.
  • The cost of removing the old roof.
  • The cost of installing the new roof.
  • The cost of the new roofing material.
  • Any other details such as which materials need to be replaced.

Having all of this written down ensures that you won’t be signed up for work that you didn’t mutually agree on.

Finding an Olympia roofing company isn’t as simple as going on the internet and doing a quick search. It requires due diligence in research so that you’re not stuck with a problematic roof after the job is done. The first thing to do is review the company’s social media pages to mine for references or red flags. Then confirm that the company has the necessary credentials, which is an up-to-date license, general liability insurance, and workers’ comp coverage. Once you have those confirmed, do an interview by asking them questions about how they’ll protect your property and learn about the processes they have in place in the case that there’s bad weather. Last, make sure to obtain a detailed write-up of the job.

If you’re looking for an Olympia roofing company, give us a call at (360) 794-7164 or fill out our contact form.

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