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How to Tell if Your Commercial Roof Is in Trouble

Commercial roofing systems encounter problems from time to time. Addressing them promptly can help prevent them from becoming worse and turning into a costlier fix. In doing so, you also keep everyone in the property safe, including tenants and visitors. State Roofing, one of the top home improvement and roofing contractors in the area, shares the signs your commercial roof is in trouble and deserves the full attention of the pros.

Commercial flat roofing system

Pooling Water

Standing water is a common problem in most low-sloped roofing systems, and it is usually caused by poor design and drainage. A commercial roofing system should have a subtle pitch to let water flow toward the drains and away from the property. If standing water isn’t immediately removed after a heavy downpour, it can lead to serious leaks and rot.

Seam Gaps

Some commercial roofing types rely on materials that must be seamed together to ensure protection against the elements. However, they may experience failure in places where the material is joined. It is often due to improper installation, but extensive wear and tear because of weather exposure is also to blame. Contractors specializing in decks and commercial roofs recommend replacing the entire roof, especially if the seams are beyond repair.


Blisters on commercial roofing systems occur whenever there’s a loss of adhesion due to the roofing material’s exposure to temperature changes. The affected roof surfaces get filled up with air or water, forming bubble-like structures that grow larger if left untreated. The roof’s ability to withstand the elements is compromised once the blisters pop, exposing the roofing structure’s substrate. Blisters are usually caused by moisture infiltration and poor ventilation.

Whether your structure needs a built-up roof, TPO single-ply or a modified bitumen application, State Roofing and its industrial roofing team can install the right solution for you. Aside from commercial roofing services, we also perform exterior home improvement, including painting and decks installation.

Give us a call at (360) 794-7164 or fill out our contact form to schedule an estimate. We serve business owners in Tacoma and Seattle, WA.

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