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How Well Do You Understand Your Commercial Roofing Warranty?

Warranty coverage can vary from one roofing company to another, and it’s important to have at least a very basic understanding of your warranty and how it protects you and your roof from any sudden issues. This is none more important than in commercial properties where a roofing failure can instantly spell disaster to multiple businesses and tenants.

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The technical verbiage of roofing warranties, unfortunately, are usually too difficult to understand, especially to a lay person. Regardless, there are a few points that are generally true for all warranties. Let our experts at State Roofing walk you through these important points to help you gain a better understanding of your commercial roof warranty.

A Certified Roofer

Most manufacturers that offer material warranties will usually require that a certified roofing contractor handle the job. Attempting to DIY your roof replacement or repair can sometimes void this warranty. Always double check if the roofer you’re hiring is certified by the manufacturer before signing any work contract.

Warranties Can Be Limited

Your coverage can often be limited by either a dollar limit or a time period, after which the manufacturer no longer assumes responsibility for any potential defects or damage resulting from defects on your commercial roofing system. This can catch you off-guard if you’re expecting full coverage. Go over the terms and conditions with your professional contractor and highlight the parts that talk about dollar limits and coverage periods so you always know just how much of your roof is protected by the warranty.

Labors and Materials

Material warranties are different from labor warranties when it comes to roofing systems. While roof manufacturers like GAF or CertainTeed will provide coverage for the materials and the product itself, the labor involved in repairing or replacing any problematic parts is typically under a separate warranty, often provided by the contracting company that installed the roof in the first place.

At State Roofing, our professionals offer some of the most comprehensive roofing warranties available today. Give us a call at (360) 794-7164 or fill out our contact form to schedule a consultation and request a free estimate on commercial roof repairs and replacement today. We serve commercial properties in Tacoma, Kirkland, and other surrounding areas in WA.

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