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Important Things to Do While Your Roof Is Being Replaced

Roof replacement is a laborious task and when you think of heavy repairs, you tend to wonder if it’ll be necessary for you to leave home for a while to let the contractors do their job. Luckily, while roof replacement is labor-intensive, it’s not a home improvement that consumes too much time. In fact, replacing your roofing can be done in two to three days, unless major repairs or extreme weather cause delays. So, moving out isn’t exactly necessary during the roof replacement. There are, however, some things you should take care of during the process.

Important Things To Do While Your Roof Is Being Replaced

In this post, State Roofing discusses the important things you should take care of during roof replacement.

Inform Your Children

This is one of the things you should settle first. Inform them of what will be happening around the home and set a few rules during the roof repair period. Tell them not to go out while the roofers are working on the roof but give them a safe space to play in. That way they can still have their fun while avoiding potential hazards.

Inform Your Neighbors

Other people you should inform about the replacement are your neighbors. Inform them of the expected timeframe and try to learn their schedule so you can avoid any possible conflict. Inform them of what time the roofers will commence their work as well; that way you can work out a time where both parties will be comfortable during the replacement.

Secure Your Pets

Some pets tend to be stressed easily by the unfamiliar sights and sounds that can accompany a roof repair or replacement. Even for the calmest of pets, the process may be distressing. Find a quiet room to keep them in so they can have some relief from the noise or take them with you for the day if possible.

Remove Wall Decorations

Pictures and wall decorations may hold some sentimental value for you. Before the roof replacement process even starts, you should take some time to remove and keep them for a while to prevent any damage.

Find an Alternate Parking Spot

Most roofers will recommend you find another parking spot for your car; it could be on the other side or a few paces away. This is because falling debris may hit your car so it’s best to move it a fair bit of distance from the site.

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