Is a Complete Tear-Off More Sensible Than a Roof Overlay?

Roof replacement can be an expensive project, and often there’s no room for errors. Mistakes can add up to your expenses, and these can lead to inconveniences and insufficient protection for your home and family.

Is A Complete Tear Off More Sensible Than A Roof Overlay

With these things in mind, you need to ensure that your roof replacement project will be done correctly. There are two methods that you can choose from: tear-off and overlay.

In this article, State Roofing, a local roofing contractor trusted by several homeowners, differentiates these two methods and discusses their pros and cons.


Tear-off involves the removal of your existing roof so that an entirely new roof can be installed in its place. One of the biggest advantages of a tear-off is that it gives you a totally brand-new roof. This means no more rotted decking and leaks, better quality and a longer life span. Tear-offs can also increase the resale value of your home, so you might want to consider this option if you’re thinking of selling your home in the near future.

Of course, this method comes with drawbacks too. Since it involves additional labor, a tear-off roofing job can add a thousand dollars or more to your total expenses.


Overlay comes at a cheaper price than a tear-off job, and this is mainly why most homeowners prefer this method. It also requires less time allowing the project to be completed in a shorter period. However, below are some of the disadvantages of a roof overlay that you should look out for:

  1. Installing a new layer on top of your existing roof adds weight to the top of your home, and this can affect the structural integrity of your home and roof.

  2. It’s likely that your old roof is no longer level due to shingle curling or other signs of wear. This can affect how your new roof will look. So instead of having a roof that looks brand new, you may end up with a roof that doesn’t look as good.

  3. With multiple layers on your roof system, it would be harder to determine the source of a leak.

Carefully consider your options and consult with your contractor. They will surely be able to give you recommendations specific to your roof situation.

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