Is Your Roof Ready for Spring?

Your roof might still be going through a lot this during our PNW Winter, with snow and weeks of rain at a time. While your roof has been hard at work protecting you and your family- here are some tips to prep for Spring so you can get in front of any issues:

·         Check around your house by walking the perimeter. From what you can see from the ground, look for signs of leaking from drips down the siding or moisture from around the windows. Step back and check for shingles lifting or missing, excessive moss, or branches that may have fallen on your roof during a storm.

·         Clean your gutters and check your downspouts for any clogs. Safety first! Don’t be afraid to hire a professional who specializes in gutter cleaning. For a small investment, you can not only ensure your own personal safety, but also save yourself some time and potential future headache.

·         Check for moss and schedule a cleaning. Look up the best practices for moss removal for your roof type. When in doubt, give us a call- we generally recommend blowing and brushing for most composition roofs to keep granules intact. Using water or a pressure washer will jeopardize the integrity of your roof and cause potentially larger problems.

If it looks like it might be time get an estimate on a new roof, please contact us and we can often have one of our Specialists out the next day to thoroughly check out your roof and discuss your options. We are happy to be family owned and operated, with 52 years in the industry.

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