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Metal Roofing and Summer: Debunking the Myth

n” Despite its many advantages, metal roofing is the most overlooked roofing option on the market thanks to the many myths that still surround it, the most prominent of which is that metal roofs become too hot during the summer. This isn’t actually the case; in fact, metal roofs are actually recommended by roofing and home improvement professionals for hot areas and are actually among the best choices you can make if you want to keep your home cool during the summer.

Debunking The Myth

Read on as State Roofing explains why metal roofing is a good choice during the summer or in hot climate areas.


Due to their reflective properties, metal roofs are among the best “cool roofing” options available. This is due to the reflective paints and coatings used on them, improving your roofing system’s energy efficiency. When the exterior temperature cools, so does the metal roof, allowing you to save on your cooling costs for the summer.

Efficient Ventilation

Another reason that metal roofs won’t be hot during the summer is due to their efficient ventilation. Some metal roofing products are manufactured with an air space between the back of the metal panel and the roof deck and underlayment. This prevents any heat transference from the metal to the building materials underneath. To install a metal roof with efficient ventilation, hire our professionals from your top local decks and roofing company, State Roofing.

Green Roofing

If you’re interested in “Green” home products and are looking to keep your home sustainable, you can’t go wrong with a metal roof.  Since most metal roofs are made from recycled materials, they can simply be dismantled and recycled once again if they need to be replaced. This makes metal roofing one of the most eco-friendly options available!

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