Metal Roofing Care and Maintenance Tips

Metal roofing systems have relatively few maintenance requirements compared to most types of roofing. However, many people mistake “low maintenance” for “no maintenance” and end up neglecting their roof. In today’s post, State Roofing shares maintenance tips for your metal roof.

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Clean the Roof Edge and Gutters

Standing seam metal roofs are among the most efficient roofing systems when it comes to shedding rainwater, thanks to its smooth outer surface. A roof this efficient means you’ll need to make sure that leaves, twigs and debris that normally stay on top of asphalt shingle roofs are more likely to collect on a metal roof’s edge. Keeping the roof edge and gutters clean can help ensure full gutter efficiency. Consider investing in a gutter protection system like Leaf Terminator® to help reduce required gutter maintenance.

Trim the Trees In Your Yard

If you have trees in your property, keep an eye out for sharp branches. While metal roofs do not have granules that can be scratched off, they do have outer coatings that, if scratched, could expose bare metal to corrosion, which could lead to leaks if not addressed by a roofing installation professional. A ten-foot clearance between the roof and the outermost branches is usually enough. Trimmed branches also mean fewer leaves on the roof, as well as less chances of squirrels and other small animals gaining access to the roof.

Conduct Regular Roof Inspections

On top of scheduled maintenance appointments with your roofing contractor, you should also perform regular roofing inspections, like one would with asphalt shingle roofs. Thanks to its smooth surface, a standing seam metal roof is easier to inspect. You should be able to spot issues like punctures and damaged outer coating, as well as missing flashing. Being able to spot these small problems between maintenance appointments allow the opportunity to have them fixed before they develop into bigger problems that could incur larger repair costs.

The best part about inspecting your roof is you can do it yourself without much effort. All you need is a good pair of binoculars to begin your inspection, and some paper and pen to write down your observations. If you happen to have a remote-controlled drone with a camera, you can use it to take video footage that you can send to your roofer for later review.

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