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Rippled Asphalt Shingles and Their Common Causes

As long as your asphalt shingle roof is well-cared for and maintained, it should keep your home safe and secure from inclement weather. But sometimes, it can look rippled due to several factors that can be hard to determine and address without a professional inspection. Ignoring this issue isn’t recommended, as the rippling can eventually lead to more costly repairs. We’ve listed some of the biggest causes below.

Rippled Asphalt Shingles

Poor Installation

High-quality roofing shingles won’t be effective in protecting your home if they’re not properly installed. Whether you’re planning extensive repairs or a complete replacement, your roof may incur damage that jeopardizes your home’s safety if the shingles aren’t installed according to manufacturer guidelines. Don’t just hire any available contractor for your roofing project — you need a team of skilled and experienced professionals who have been certified by leading industry manufacturers.

Strong Winds

Rippled asphalt shingles are often caused by constant exposure to wind and other elements. This issue can be repaired by a professional as long as the damage is minor and the shingles are mostly intact. Sometimes, shingle rippling can also cause creasing, cracking and other types of surface damage, and no amount of repairs can keep water and moisture from seeping into your roof. In that case, the shingles will need to be replaced as soon as possible by a trusted roofer.

Inefficient Ventilation System

The roof can greatly enhance your home’s visual appearance, but it can be ruined by rippled shingles. The entire system must have proper ventilation to allow fresh air to circulate in the attic. If a roof doesn’t have enough intake and exhaust vents, the accumulated heat won’t easily dissipate and will cause moisture buildup beneath the deck. When this happens, it can cause warping damage and lead to rippled shingles.

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