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Roof Planning: Practical Questions to Ask Your Roofer

As a homeowner, you need to ask your roofing contractor the right questions if you intend to get the best results from your roof replacement project. In today’s post, local roofer State Roofing shares the practical, not-often-asked questions you should ask your roofer.

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Should I Stay In the House During Roof Replacement?

The short answer is simply: no. We understand that you’d want to stick to your daily routine, especially if you’re working from home. However, roof replacement produces a lot of dust, noise, and busy movement, which may upset your children, pets, and the elderly. We recommend including temporary accommodations in your roofing plans. A good roofing company will make sure that the roof replacement is finished on time, so you don’t have to overstay your temporary accommodations.

How Long Does Roof Replacement Usually Take?

There are many factors that affect the roof installation time table. Standard three-tab shingle can be installed faster than laminate shingles. A roof with fewer planes takes less time to cover than one of a similar size with several planes. An old roof may require repairs or may need to be updated for compliance with current building codes. An average-sized roof takes about three days to a week to replace. A good roofing company should be able to give you a fairly accurate estimate of the project’s completion.

Do I Have the Option to Upgrade My Roof?

Virtually, any kind of roofing material can be installed on any sloped roof. This means, you’re not stuck with asphalt shingles when it’s time to replace your roof. Options such as metal, tile, and slate are also available. However, your roofing contractor must first determine the condition of your roof, especially if you are switching to heavier roofing such as slate or tile. The roofing structure must be able to support the weight of the new roof, which means the existing structural components will have to be bolstered or replaced.

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