Roof Underlayment: Why Is It important?

Your roof has multiple parts that all work together to keep it safe. Underlayment is a vital roofing element that helps your roof to survive all weather conditions. It is a waterproof covering installed directly under the shingles on the roof deck. Water damage to your roof without underlayment can cause wood rot, mold growth and material degradation.

Roof Underlayment

Roofing underlayment is defined and explained more by residential roof installation professionals in today’s topic, as well as why it is such an important component of your roof.

The Primary Function of Roofing Underlayment 

1. Creating a Uniform Look

Roofing underlayment smooths your roof’s surface for shingles. This gives your shingles a unified look. No matter what sort of underlayment you use, having an extra layer beneath your shingles hides any uneven regions in your roof deck. 

2. Protects Roof From Weather

Underlayment acts as an important weather barrier for your roof. Without underlayment, your roof deck would be vulnerable to damage. Underlayment helps to keep rain, snow and ice from penetrating the roof deck and eventually entering your home. 

3 Common Types of Underlayment

Residential roofing underlayments include asphalt-saturated felt, non-bitumen synthetic underlayment and rubberized asphalt underlayment. What are the benefits of each?

  • Non-Bitumen Synthetic Underlayment  – Thanks to its superior waterproofing characteristics, most residential and commercial roofing installation contractors select non-bitumen synthetic underlayment.
  • Asphalt-Saturated Felt Underlayment – This is the cheapest option. Asphalt-saturated felt underlayment is manufactured by waterproofing felt paper. It comes in 15 and 30-pound weights. The latter is firmer but less prone to breakage during installation.
  • Rubberized Asphalt Underlayment – If you want to protect your roof against moisture damage, this is the most expensive alternative. In addition to being waterproof, rubberized asphalt underlayment is made up of asphalt and rubber polymer.

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