Roofing Tear-Off: Why Is It Better?

If you’ve been checking out roof replacement options, you may have come across an installation method called “overlay” or “reroofing” where a new roof is installed right over the old one. In today’s post, State Roofing shares a look at both methods and explains why a complete tear-off is the ideal residential roof installation method.

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Overlay Vs. Tear-Off

The standard roof replacement process involves tearing off the old, damaged roofing down to the decking material, inspecting the framing for issues and performing repairs as needed before installing the new roof. In contrast, an overlay installation involves none of these. The old roof is simply covered with new underlayment, followed by the rest of the roof.

You’re probably wondering — why does the latter method even exist? It’s because skipping the tear-off step means cutting down on the labor costs. It would also cut down on the disposal cost as most of what’s usually discarded on a standard installation would stay on the roof.

Why Roofing Tear-Off Is the Better Option

The savings offered by overlay installation sounds attractive, but remember that you’ll only be saving on the upfront cost. It is true that asphalt shingle roofs typically last 20 to 30 years, but only if roofing installation is done properly. Overlay installation hardly counts as proper except for very specific conditions that pertain to the existing roof’s condition. Chances are, whatever you save on the overlay installation will be spent on subsequent repairs. It’s also worth keeping in mind that warranties on these roofs are not as extensive as what you can get on standard roofs.

Since an overlay installation skips roof inspection and repairs, whatever structural issues your roof may have will still be there; it’s like sweeping dirt under the rug. Structural issues can also get compounded by the combined weight of the old and the new roof.

On the other hand, tearing off the old roof is like giving your roof a fresh start. Problems such as rot and rust can be addressed and old damaged decking will be replaced before the new roof is installed. This type of roofing is less likely to suffer premature failure. In fact, this is why most roofing manufacturers provide extensive warranties for complete roofing systems — they can guarantee its performance because every single component is new.

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