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Save On Insurance with a New Roof!

Allstate Insurance

State Roofing is proud to announce a new partnership with Allstate Insurance in Marysville, WA. Our State Roofing team worked closely with the owner of the Allstate Marysville branch, Zach Hubbell, to do a deep dive into saving YOU money on your homeowners insurance. Why? Because we care. And so does Allstate owner Zach.

As a family owned business, just like State Roofing, Zach is working tirelessly to reveal savings for homeowners who didn’t even know the potential savings existed.

Most home insurance is set up on ESCROW and NEVER looked at again. After all, when was the last time you sat down with your agent about your homeowners insurance?

Never? Well, it just might be time to sit down with Allstate owner Zach Hubbell and review your coverage.

For instance, did you know that you can get huge discounts for having a 50 year roof? All of us at State Roofing want to make sure your home is protected correctly which is why we install roofs with precision and expertise that is unmatched in the industry. And it is also why we create partnerships with other like minded individuals and companies who also have your best interest at heart. Our process at State Roofing is now not just limited to a free estimate, a thorough review and educational assessment of of your current roof, and an incredible install of your new roof. It will now also include a follow up, if desired, with Allstate agent/owner Zach to review the savings on your insurance for installing State Roofing’s advanced 50+ year roof. He offers deep discounts for this roof, which, once again, make it the least expensive roof you’ll ever buy. His local agency reaches out to all their clients every year to make sure their home is protected correctly and that they are getting the most from their insurance savings.

Together, State Roofing and Allstate owner Zach are helping to protect your home and the loved ones inside. Call him today at 360-653-2218 to request a review of your insurance, or visit him here on the web.<

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