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Silicone Roof Coatings and Their Benefits

When it comes to commercial roofing installation, a roof coating is one of the most essential elements in the process.  There are multiple coating options, including silicone coating.  This coating choice is moisture-cured, which makes it resistant to pooling water and leaks.  This is just one of the many advantages that silicone roof coatings offer.

Silicone Roof Coating And Their Benefits

In this post, State Roofing discusses the other benefits you gain from silicone roof coatings.

Energy Efficiency

If you’re looking to make your commercial property more energy-efficient, a silicone roof coating is your best bet. Due to its ability to be highly reflective and UV-resistant, your commercial roof won’t absorb as much solar heat and, therefore, helps keep your cooling costs low. This also makes silicone roof coatings an eco-friendly protection option for your roof.


Another benefit is the extension it can give to your roof’s lifespan. Thanks to its protective properties, you need only conduct regular inspections and minor maintenance work on your commercial roof every now and then.  Ask State Roofing about our Roof Maintenance Club plan to conduct these ongoing inspections!  Most residential roof installation experts, including State Roofing, say you’ll head off major and premature damage this way.

Easy Maintenance

Silicone roof coatings also make commercial roof maintenance effortless. Plus, it stays intact for up to 15 years. In fact, at the end of its life span, you won’t have to do much but apply a fresh layer of coating onto your roofing system.

Another Layer of Protection

Adding a silicone coating to your roof is another physical layer of protection to your roof. This membrane minimizes impact damage on your roof and helps preserve its structural integrity. Plus, rubber is also impervious to mold and mildew growth.

Turn to State Roofing for your commercial roofing and coating needs. We are also your number one provider of metal roofing and hardwood decking installation services. Give us a call at [company_phone] today or fill out our contact form to schedule a free estimate. We serve homeowners in Seattle, WA, and other nearby areas.

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