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The Benefits of Choosing American-Made Products and Services

Choosing American-made products and services have many benefits that include contributing to economic stability and creating more jobs. In honor of the upcoming Fourth of July holiday, roofing contractor State Roofing takes a closer look at the benefits derived from supporting products made in the USA.

The Benefits Of Choosing American Made Products And Services

More Jobs

When you choose locally made products for your roofing project, you contribute to increasing the demand for it. If enough homeowners do the same, manufacturers will need to create more jobs to fulfill the demand.

Imagine the increased demand creating a ripple in the manufacturing supply chain: more suppliers of raw materials, more asphalt shingle factory workers, all the way down to requiring more certified installers. There’s also the additional jobs it may create in the logistics side of the business. After all, the roofing materials need to be transported from the factory to the warehouse, ready to be delivered to customers.

Environmental Stewardship

Factories based in the U.S. follow strict guidelines imposed by the Environmental Protection Agency, which results in greener manufacturing processes. The aim is to minimize the product’s impact on the environment. Homeowners who choose local products help reduce the impact roofing installations typically have on the environment. Also, organizations such as Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design encourage homeowners to aspire to a clean and green home.

Guaranteed Quality
Locally made products do tend to cost higher than their foreign-made counterparts. Still, consider the level of quality and craftsmanship offered by our own. Roofing, in particular, is not a single-use product, but rather an intricate system that benefits from quality materials and installation. Locally made materials, installed by trained installers, are less likely to develop problems.

Safe and Fair Working Conditions

Government organizations like the Occupational Safety and Health Administration are created to make sure local working conditions adhere to strict safety standards. You also have the assurance that the roofing products you purchase are ethically manufactured, following strict health and safety standards.

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