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The Benefits of the NRCA and SkillsUSA Partnership

The National Roofing Contractors Association (NRCA) has recently partnered with SkillsUSA, an organization that helps students excel in skilled trades. Read on as home improvement contractor State Roofing shares an overview of what this partnership means to the industry and to homeowners as well.

The Benefits Of The Nrca And Skillsusa Partnership

SkillsUSA and the NRCA

SkillsUSA is a partnership of students, teachers and industry experts that help students further their careers in skilled trades, including those who want a career in home improvement. They provide educational programs, events and competitions to engage students and raise awareness. These activities also support career and technical education in classrooms across the country.

As the largest and most-recognized association of roofing professionals, the NRCA has partnered with SkillsUSA in ensuring the continued presence of skilled trades such as roofing as a core curriculum in schools. Building, maintaining and fixing roofs requires technical skills, even more so than building decks or installing windows. By being part of a school’s core curriculum, roofing gives students insight on roofing work, and may perhaps inspire a career in the roofing industry.

Benefits of This Partnership

The most upfront benefit of this partnership is it helps ensure an active roofing industry workforce. Those who start young in the roofing industry often have family members who own or have worked in the roofing business. Bringing roofing into a school’s core curriculum helps students learn the basics of roofing and gives an edge when they apply for work in the industry. In fact, many roofers who started out as installers ended up starting their own roofing business.

This partnership between the NRCA and SkillsUSA also supplies students the skills and know-how needed to work in the industry. The roofing industry isn’t all about just installation; it needs people who research and develop new products and run logistics. It needs problem solvers and craftsmen, just as much as it needs installers. With this partnership, the future of the roofing industry is in good hands.

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