Things You Don’t Want Your Chosen Roofer to Tell You

When choosing a roofing contractor for your roofing project, make sure that the pros you’re dealing with are honest and trustworthy. In doing so, you can avoid potential problems that may arise during the repair or replacement process. However, be wary of statements indicating that they are unfit for the job and may most likely fail to meet your needs. Move on to the next local roofer in your area if you hear any of these from them:

Want Your Chosen Roofer to Tell You

“I Don’t Carry Any Insurance.”

Roofing companies do not require licenses to work in Washington State. However, they must have valid worker’s compensation and liability insurance so customers won’t be held responsible if one of their installers gets injured or causes property damage while performing repairs. Be sure to ask for a certificate proving that they are bonded and insured. If they can’t provide one, look elsewhere for a roofer to work with.

“We Need to Replace Your Roof.”

This statement might be something you don’t want to hear from the get-go, but it might be necessary to push through with it especially if the roofing company determined that your roof is old and severely compromised. If your roof is fairly new and doesn’t look like it is in bad shape but insists on it, you have every right to seek a second opinion with another roofer.

“I’m Not Familiar With This Type of Roof.”

You can’t expect roofing contractors to work on all types of roofing materials. Some specialize in specific types of materials like asphalt shingles and metal panels only. They can be honest about it and will be glad to refer you to another local roofing contractor that has the roofing material you desire. It only becomes a red flag, however, if the prospect is unfamiliar with it but still offers to do the job anyway. Steer clear of them and speak with another roofer.

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