Tips on Choosing a Color for Your Asphalt Shingles

If you’re getting a new roof, you need to choose the right color for your asphalt shingles. A good color choice can make a great first impression, boosting your home’s curb appeal and even increasing its resale value. Your roof, after all, accounts for about 40% of your home’s visual exterior. 

Asphalt Shingles

State Roofing provides tips to help you choose the ideal color for your asphalt shingles. 

Consider Your Local Climate

Your local climate is an important consideration when choosing a shingle color. Your choice can affect your home’s temperature and energy bills. If you live in a warm area, for instance, light-colored shingles may keep the home’s interior cooler, depending on how effective your roof’s insulation and ventilation are. On the other hand, dark-colored shingles absorb heat, making them ideal for cold climates. 

Factor in the Exterior House Colors

The color of your roof should blend well with your home’s color composition. Otherwise, you risk making your exterior look disconnected. If you have a red-brick exterior, try choosing dark-colored shingles such as dark brown or deep gray. For light gray houses, dark gray shingles are a smart solution, while beige houses work well with brown or warm gray shingles. Weathered wood or log houses, on the other hand, are best matched with brown, green or black shingles. 

Take Note of Your Home’s Architectural Style

Historical architectural styles such as Colonial and Victorian look great with traditional colored shingles. These include dark gray or black — either in solid colors or varying shades. Depending on the color of your current siding, dark green or even blue might work as well. Meanwhile, rustic homes or rural properties have a more casual look. As such, try weathered brown and gray shingles to complement the natural surroundings and the home’s relaxed atmosphere. 

Be Mindful of Your Neighbors

Although the color of your shingles should reflect your preferences, you don’t want your home to stand out in the neighborhood for the wrong reasons. This is especially true if you’re planning to sell your home. Thus, it’s best to choose a shingle color that harmonizes with the neighboring houses as well as the natural surroundings. Don’t match the color but make it blend. Additionally, if you live in a community with a homeowner’s association, make sure the shingle colors comply with HOA guidelines. 

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